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Cathy Baltzer

Beauty, harmony, poetry, through the mysticism of her oil paintings, Cathy Baltzer’s quest is an expression of the humanism and of the spiritual life; the art as transcendence of the human spirit.

The subject is only a pretext for her universal message: what matters is what shines through, not what appears.

Cathy Baltzer was influenced successively by the great masters of the Renaissance, by W. Turner, the impressionists and the Fauves, Cathy Baltzer has created her own style, made of a strong chromaticism and vibrations, with a close inspiration of the Symbolists.

Stonehenge de cristal 
Oil on canvas 

...Water mixed with the sky
 and fog with the ground
Crystals and fire, gold and dust
Uncertain sources stretched to the clouds...

Cathy Baltzer